Best Cars for Getting the Band Around Town for the Big Gigs

Cars are a necessary way of getting from here to there. Depending on who you are and what you do with your life, different cars and better or worse for different things . For example, if you work in construction, then it’s important to have a big truck with large towing capacity. Whether you use it or not, having the biggest truck is the best way to show you mean business and lets you talk down to the other guys on the work site and then they will feel emasculated and will go home and cry to their wife who will likely leave them and come crawling to you – if she’s good looking, you can have a go at it. But the point is, if you’re a musician, and you gig regularly, you don’t want to just get any old car. You never want to drive a sedan, for example – getting amps and big instruments in and out is a pain. And you don’t want a truck because if it rains, you’re in big trouble. So what cars do you want?

Nissan Cube


A Nissan Cube is a great option for the gigging musician. Its cube shape is really perfect as you can get so many things in there and you will never feel like you’re running out of space. The boxier a car, the more likely it is that you will be able to squeeze more stuff in there than you might otherwise be able to. You will be impressed with the amount of gear you can get in and who knows, you might even be able to take that Cube on the road if your band is a trio or something. They are fun – and if you heck them out on you may surprise yourself with how affordable they are and how sort of modern and hip they seem.

Nissan Versa


You may think we work for Nissan but we don’t. In fact, in general, we don’t even like Nissans but they just happen to have some great cars for the traveling and busy musician. Sure, if your’e not busy you can drive whatever you want. Doesn’t matter if your gear just stays at home. But if you gotta get down town for the big gig and parking is an issue and so is reliability, you have to be careful, and these Versas are going to treat you totally right for all of these issues. Check them out at – it’s true, there are many features and options to choose, but you can hardly go wrong. You can even have the variable valve transmission which maximizes fuel efficiency.

Honda Fit


See? It’s not just Nissans – the Honda Fit is a great car for every occasion that a musician may need, since it’s small and zippy and has that Honda reliability, but the hatch back and your ability to fold down the seats makes it so you can get everything you need in there. It’s going to be perfect!

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