Did the Oil Companies Rob Us

Amid the sea tempest season, beginning directly after the flooding of New Orleans, gas costs took off to inconceivable levels.

This was faulted for supply and interest. Truth be told, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita had influenced raw petroleum generation in the Gulf of Mexico. Individuals lined up to buy gas before it ran out. That beyond any doubt didn’t improve the situation.

Here’s the thing however, oil organizations reported record benefits. Exxon Mobil Corp. earned $9.92 billion, up 75 percent from the second from last quarter of a year ago. BP’s benefits rose to $6.5 billion and Chevron reported $3.6 billion in benefits. Gee, I thought the tropical storms were harming them. Certainly, I know, that is immaterial to the law of supply and interest, yet it looks extremely suspicious. Let’s be realistic, oil organizations are about profiting, period, end of sentence. The thing is with oil and gas, we the buyers are more often than not up the river without a barrel. We need to have gas to get to work. The oil organizations know it, and I accept they rode the frenzy brought on by the late storms to line their pockets.

Right around the time of the catastrophe in New Orleans, news correspondents happened to specify that the storm could result in gas costs to go up. It was just the exact following day that gas began going up in my general vicinity despite the fact that we are amidst the nation. How could the diminishing in creation have hit so quick at the pump unless somebody was exploiting the circumstances big time? Oil organizations were not sweating and wringing their hands anxiously saying, “Gee golly, what are we going to do, gas costs are climbing.”, yet the regular person wasn’t all grins.

Gratefully, gas costs are en route back up now close to the Christmas season. No one is racing to the pump in frenzy, and the Senate may have had some influence on the business when they made a huge stink about it requesting answers from the enormous Ceos of the oil organizations like Lee Raymond, Exxon Mobil’s CEO. Along these lines, what cut costs down? Was it hollering and shouting by the legislature, or basically the law of supply and interest. It beyond any doubt wasn’t a sudden feeling of Christmas caring love from the oil organizations, that we can be guaranteed of.

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