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Honda’s CBF125 is the cheaper version of the much acclaimed CG125. This substitute offers exactly the same reliable transportation with a little bit more class. Since its introduction in January, it has been snatched up by bikers by the dozens and indeed a lot of dealers have complained about being unable to secure enough of them. This of course came as no surprise.


The 4 speed single engine of the CBF is fuel injected and designed for fuel efficiency rather than eliciting excitement. The top speed is around 65 miles per hour. You could drive it on a motorway, but that is probably not something you will want to do regularly. Its nearest competitor is Yamaha’s YBR125 which delivers 10bhp while Honda’s delivers 11. In terms of performance, there is nothing really that separates the two.

Ride and Handling

The Honda CBF125 has single disc brakes on the front and drums on the rear with satisfactory handling. For short 30 minute rides, it’s as comfortable as other motorbikes. Nevertheless, the inexpensive twin rear shocks are not suited to longer journeys and results in a sore rear end after awhile. Riding in town often results in a rocking horse sensation when switching from braking to acceleration in stop and go traffic.

Quality and Dependability

It is obvious that with such low price this is not a perfect vehicle. It should not surprise anyone and may disappoint a few that the exhaust finish is not built for longevity. According to some reports, a number of customers have criticized the workmanship and matt black finish. The weak plastics even have fragile grommets.


The speedometer dial has numbers that indicate the appropriate gear instead of a rev counter. However, it does have a fuel gauge. When starting out on a full tank, you should be aware that when that gauge displays shows half a tank you only have a third remaining instead.

Honda CBF125 Review Results

This is an aesthetically pleasing model produced by a reputable manufacturer. You can be sure that it will be cheaper to use than riding a bus. Additionally, customers often describe it as a fun ride. With a price tag of around £2000.00, this just might be the only transportation you will ever require.

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