With this age and day of the metrosexual and all these football teams wearing tighter and tighter clothing, and a lot more homoerotic stuff within the media, it’s important to showcase to the world how manly you are. You do not desire to be seen as a football loving light beer drinking dude who sits around and shuns the attention of girls, spending the full Sunday flanked by men, touching each other, and watching men in tights surrounded by each other, touching one another. So if you don’t find that very tasteful and would like to make sure no person gets the wrong idea, here are some ideas to showcase to your neighborhood that you aren’t like that.

Watch Baseball


Baseball is easily the most classic sport. It’s a genuine combination of wit versus brawn. You can’t get any more manly than chewing tobacco, huge wads of it stuffed in your cheek, and hitting 95 mile an hour pitches deep to the cool night of an October evening. It’s the truest form of sport, and though it doesn’t require being a Greek god, remember how the Greeks were with young boys. So, it is possible to drink beer, you can womanize, you can eat an entire chicken before every game (looking at your Wade Boggs), and you could be a true man. If you’re simply a regular Joe, you can go ahead and play softball in a community team. It’ll be fun for you and show the person you really are.

Drive a Truck


If you’re around driving a Prius or some sort of lame minivan, you will end up giving folks the wrong idea, and you can’t be having that. The one and only true way to show how manly you are is always to drive a truck. And also in particular, you really need it to be a huge truck, the kind that dominates the road and doesn’t take no for the answer. When you head into RAM Ontario, you can’t start to look at Dodge Rams, and there’s nothing more manly than one of those. Check them out at http://www.ocramtruckcenter.com and you’ll observe how good it will probably be to showcase your manhood. You can haul large loads and you can put everything in the truck bed, and you will probably be riding in style while the neighbors cower away fearful of what manly thing you’ll do next. Crush a road plow and soda through your neighborhood easily in a Ram.

Treat Women Right


The worst thing you can do that shows how not manly you are is to talk down to women. Treating a woman with respect, the kind of respect all women deserve, will be the true showcase of being a man. Anyone who thinks the other strategy is probably hiding some dark secret that needs to be kept secret lest they be shunned by their loved ones. Being kind and gentlemanly is the truest form of manhood. Be a man, treat her good.

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